Thursday, 29 March 2012

Next Meeting Tuesday 3 April

Come along and join us from 7.00pm at the next meeting. The speaker will be Diane Livingston doing a presentation on Cob Ovens. We'd love to see you there.

March 2012 Meeting Update

For those that weren't able to get along to our March meeting, we had a great group of 20 in attendance. Our speakers were Dylan Tusler and Robert Mrzowski whose topic was BZE Stationary Energy, a plan to repower Australia with 100% renewable energy in 10 years.

BZE (Beyond Zero Emissions) is completely independent and run by volunteers making probono contributions. The goal is to achieve clean technology transition using current technologies.

The ZCA Stationary Energy Plan is about stationary energy = electricity from power stations. To come in the future will be further plans on Buildings, Transport & Land Use and Industrial Processes.

Some of the key points covered:
  • Concentrated solar thermal power with storage can replace coal to create heat. The sun's energy is reflected towards a central tower via heliostats, creating base load power and renewable electricity. Australia has the best solar resource in the world.
  • Wind power investment has increased by 30% p.a. in the last decade. Each wind turbine built saves 507,000 tonnes CO2 over 30 years. By 2020 Australia will need 325TWh/year (up from 230TWh/yr in 2010).
  • The plan is to upgrade the electricity grid (60% power from solar; 405% from wind power and back up with biomass & existing hydro) = 100% demand of Australia's energy needs.
What can we do?

Become a base load supporter, join the BZE newsletter, donate money or volunteer time. The plan is downloadable free online on their website.

Contact Robert or Dylan: or

We also had an active pre-meeting market with our usual giveaway table - there were plenty of books, fresh produce and plants on offer:

Organic Co-op Shopping

Checking out the Freebie Table:

Some of the goodies on offer:

Look forward to seeing you next month on Tuesday, 3rd April.

Monday, 5 March 2012

March 2012 Meeting

Just a brief reminder about the next meeting on Tuesday, 6 March from 7.00pm at Eudlo Town Hall, Rosebed St, Eudlo. This month's speaker is Robert Mrowzowski from Beyond Zero Emissions. Should be a great night. Remember to bring your surplus produce and items to swap, sell and share for the market. All welcome.