Tuesday, 22 November 2011

First organic market stall December 6

Permaculture Eudlo will have a new addition to its regular 'made it, grew it' market with a range of dried organic goods (nuts, seeds, muesli, grains etc), oils, vinegars etc available at the December meeting.

Starting at 7pm you're welcome to come along and do a bit of shopping and support local co-operative buying and save money too! There will also be locally made soaps for sale too plus other goodies from members' gardens.

We meet in the Eudlo Village Hall on Rosebed Street in Eudlo and this month our guest speaker is Kerry Larkman who will be talking about homeopathy for people and gardens.

Gold coin entry and supper provided.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Organic Market Stall

Are you interested in having an Organic Dried Goods Stall at our monthly meetings as part of our regular made it, grew it market?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Homeopathy - December 2011

Permaculture Eudlo December get together; Tuesday December 6 from 7pm in the Eudlo Village Hall. Market stalls from 7pm-7.30, then guest speaker Kerry Larkman talking about Homeopathy.

Gold coin entry.

What is Homeopathy?
Does it work?
How can it help me?
Can I use it?
Will it work in the garden?

Homeopathy dates back to Hippocrates who named it as the Law of Similars.
‘Let like be cured by like’

Guest presenter Kerry Larkman trained as a SRN and midwife in Australia before a trip to the UK in 1968.

Forty years, and many Homeopathic seminars and travels later Kerry is back in Queensland, learning about permaculture and planting trees.

Challenged to find out more about Homeopathy as a sceptic in 1982, Kerry became interested in using Homeopathy for her three small boys and was hooked.

Homeopathy means treating the whole person, and looking at all aspects of your health. Diet, past medical and family history, personality and current problems are all important.

She will share her passion and knowledge of Homeopathy at Permaculture Eudlo on the evening of Tuesday December 6 at the Eudlo Village Hall including how the same principles of healing can be extended to plants.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

December get together

Join us on Tuesday December 6th from 7pm for our final meeting for 2011.

Our next meeting will be all about Homeopathy - including how to use homeopathy in the garden.

Everyone interested in permaculture is welcome to come along - gold coin entry to cover hall hire and gold coin donation tea and coffee.

If you have any home grown organic goodies you'd like to share, sell or give away, please bring them for the market table from 7pm.

We meet in the Eudlo Village Hall in Rosebed Street, Eudlo.